24 Hour Service

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Any order that comes in before 12:00. can be picked up during the next day.



Order Start

€ 80 

Per ID

€ 20

*These rates will be in addition to the cost for manufacturing the pieces.



  • Orders can be received from 8:00 to 12:00
  • The order must be approved by Ebakilan. Confirmation will be sent.
  • Documentation must be complete (drawings -dxf., dwg. formats-, materials, quantities, specifications).
  • Drawings must be legible and, if possible, in .dxf, .dwg or a similar format.
  • Materials must be in stock.
  • Shipping is not included.
  • Under the following circumstances, order delivery may take up to 48h:
    • Orders that require more than 4 hours to cut.
    • Orders that require abrasive blasting or straightening.
    • Orders with more than 20 IDs.

For pieces with folds and/or other special work (machining, etc.) check with us for the timeframe.



ISO9001 14001 1090

Our Quality Control Department, accredited by the ENAC, constantly monitors all the work carried out (traceability of all raw materials, regular inspections of the cutting and measurement equipment, etc.).

We guarantee the highest quality of the final product and minimise lead times.

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