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Oxycutting is a cutting technology that is used for workpieces of a considerable thickness. It is carried out on a 70 m linear bedplate with three CNC production workstations.

Our machines make it possible to create any kind of bevel, be it V, Y, X or K-shaped, thus avoiding the mandatory subsequent bevelling work. Each workpiece produced with oxycutting undergoes a manual finishing process: deburring of edges and/or straightening.

Its features are:

MESSER OMNIMAT L7000 (3 machines)

  • 72 m x 6 m cutting table
  • 18 blowtorches
Material Max. thickness (mm) Max. cutting sizes. per machine (mm)
Steel 600 24.000 x 6.000


ISO9001 14001 1090

Our Quality Control Department, accredited by the ENAC, constantly monitors all the work carried out (traceability of all raw materials, regular inspections of the cutting and measurement equipment, etc.).

We guarantee the highest quality of the final product and minimise lead times.

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